The Middle East’s Largest Integrated Theme Park Destination, Dubai Parks and Resorts™, Rounds Up its 10 Most Instagrammable Locations

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, September 2021: Located in one of the most photogenic cities in the world, the Middle East’s largest integrated theme park destination, Dubai Parks and Resorts™, is the perfect place for people to up their insta-game and capture some picture-perfect photos.  

Featuring three must-visit theme parks, MOTIONGATE™ Dubai, BOLLYWOOD PARKS™ Dubai and LEGOLAND® Dubai, an incredible water park, LEGOLAND® Water Park, and the ultimate staycation destination, Lapita™, Dubai Parks and Resorts, Autograph Collection, there’s so many amazing insta-worthy locations to explore, experience and capture in one destination of never-ending fun.


The entire destination is connected by RIVERLAND™ Dubai, a free to enter recreational hub, that takes visitors on a picturesque journey through time across well-known locations such as; The French Village, Boardwalk, India Gate, and The Peninsula, and offers the perfect backdrop to beautify your Instagram feed.

Having already been captured by some of the biggest Instagram stars and visitors from around the world, Dubai Parks and Resorts™ has shortlisted its ten most picturesque and photographed spots for visitors to check during their next visit to the incredible destination.  

  • The Gate at MOTIONGATE™ Dubai

MOTIONGATE™ Dubai’s entrance gate is an iconic backdrop for an epic insta-photo. Before visitors even reach the theme park’s thrilling rides, shows and attractions that have all been inspired by some of Hollywood’s most memorable films, guests can capture a photo in front of the park’s entrance gate that will be sure to garner some serious insta cred.

  •  Rajmahal at BOLLYWOOD PARKS™ Dubai

Set in the heart of BOLLYWOOD PARKS™ Dubai, the stunning Rajmahal Theatre is the park’s flagship attraction and its breath-taking architecture make it one of the most photographed spots at Dubai Parks and Resorts™. Drawing inspiration from the royal palaces of India, the stunning landmark is a lavish backdrop for any Instagram star in the making. Guests are advised to turn on boomerang mode and pose, dance and jump in front of the Rajmahal Theatre which promises photos that are nothing short of spectacular.  

  • LEGOLAND® Dubai Entrance

The entrance to the ultimate world of LEGO® themed adventures, the LEGOLAND® Dubai gate is one of the most iconic backdrops at Dubai Parks and Resorts™. Before guests reach the 40 interactive rides, shows and attractions, and 15,000 LEGO model structures made from over 60 million LEGO bricks, they will get the chance to snap awesome insta-content in front of one of the most eye-catching and fun entrances in the whole of Dubai.

  • French Village at Riverland™ Dubai

A hotspot of breathtaking views, the French Village at Riverland™ Dubai is a destination that is sure to make guests’ insta-content go viral. One of the most romantic spots at Dubai Parks and Resorts™, the medieval and historical architecture make it the perfect backdrop for dramatic and beautiful photos that will earn guests endless insta-love.

  • DreamWorks at MOTIONGATE™ Dubai

Photo ops start as soon as guests enter the DreamWorks zone at MOTIONGATE™ Dubaias they are welcomed by the breathtaking Fountain of Dreams with life-size characters from most loved DreamWorks blockbuster movies such as; Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon, Madagascar, and Shrek. The DreamWorks zone is guaranteed to add new life to Instagram feeds as guests are invited to walk through iconic set locations and strike a pose at Shrek’s Swamp, the Valley of Peace from Kung Fu Panda, the Village of Berk from How to Train Your Dragon and the Big Top Circus from Madagascar.

  • Jumbo Cafe at BOLLYWOOD PARKS™ Dubai

An unmissable photo opportunity that is located in the entrance of BOLLYWOOD PARKS™ Dubai, Jumbo Café is picture perfect thanks to its towering and beautifully painted elephants that will wow all of guests’ insta-fans. The explosions of colour and unique setting make Jumbo Café an insta-worthy, no filter needed destination.

  • LEGO® Models at LEGOLAND® Dubai

For totally unique insta-snaps, guests are encouraged to visit the awesome LEGOLAND® Dubai. Full of more than 15,000 impressive LEGO® models that have been built from over 60 million LEGO bricks, LEGOLAND® Dubai is sure to add an extra special backdrop to all selfies and Instagram accounts. Guests are advised to keep an eye out for the colourful LEGO models that are situated around the park and bring the amazing LEGO world to life.

  • Dancing Hands at Riverland™ Dubai

One of the most photographed spots at Dubai Parks and Resorts™, Dancing Hands at Riverland™ Dubai is the place where guests head to get creative and recreate their favourite yoga poses. An epic destination that boasts scenic park views from every angle, guests are recommended to visit this location around sunset for a photo that will be sure to attract a lot of likes.

  • Smurf Village at MOTIONGATE™ Dubai

A smurf-tastic land of colour and make believe, the Smurf Village at MOTIONGATE™ Dubai is one of the destination’s most popular photo spots due to its magical setting that transports guests into the charming world of the universally loved Smurfs. One of the most memorable and insta-worthy zones at MOTIONGATE™ Dubai,Smurf Village’s larger-than-life, colourful mushroom capped houses, lush forest surroundings and life-size blue friends make it a must visit destination for anyone wanting to up their insta-game with some fantasy themed photos.

  1. Lapita™, Dubai Parks and Resorts, Autograph Collection

Nothing short of spectacular, Dubai Parks and Resorts™’ incredible on-site hotel, Lapita, provides guests with a tropical location for epic photos. The hotel’s crystal-clear pool waters and lush surrounding greenery will transport their insta-followers to the idyllic Polynesia and provide a stunning backdrop for insta-worthy content.

With more than 100 thrilling family friendly rides, record-breaking attractions and roller coasters, character meet and greets, captivating shows and entertainment, and stunning settings, Dubai Parks and Resorts™ is a destination that really does have something for the Instagrammers who would like to get imaginative and add lots of colour to their feeds.

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